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Control Orthotic

The Control Device (UCBL) is the perfect corrective orthotic device. It can help stabilize feet, relieve pain and most importantly create arch support to correct and alleviate flat foot pain.
Orthotic Only
Choose the best OD Experience and Pair with Footwear!
The Control Device can help stabilize feet, relieve pain, create arch support and correct or alleviate flat foot pain for people in need of orthotic support. The microcell puff top cover is aesthetically pleasing and provides cushioning and comfort for folks who are active and on their feet all day.

  • Orthotic type: Full-length 
  • Shoe type:  Athletic 
  • Activity type:  Everyday 
  • Arch Support:  High-density support with motion control technology
  • Cushion level: Maximum cushion for all-day comfort 
  • Pain relief:   Flat Feet, Fallen Arches & ankle instability
Features & Benefits
  • Delivers maximum control and correction for flat feet
  • Provides enhanced support and stability
  • Fully encompasses the heel for proper alignment
  • Shell material allows for compliance and fit
  • Full-length bottom covering ensures effective grip and friction reduction
  • RCH shell material
  • Raised Medial and Lateral flanges
  • Microcell topcover
  • Full length underlay