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Industrial Orthotic

A durable orthotic solution that works as hard as you do. Our Industrial Orthotic is engineered to support dual-density cushioning. Plus, added motion control means a shoe insole that can handle dynamic environments.
Orthotic Only
Choose the best OD Experience and Pair with Footwear!

Our Industrial Orthotic is engineered to support dual-density cushioning and motion control to handle dynamic environments. Created for heavy-duty work boots, non-slip or safety approved footwear. All-day comfort and load-bearing technology give you support and comfort in the toughest conditions. 

  • Orthotic type: Full-length 
  • Shoe type: Work boots and safety shoes
  • Activity type: Walking and standing for long durations in industrial environments
  • Arch support:  Maximum support with motion control technology
  • Cushion level: Dual-density cushion for superior comfort and protection
  • Pain relief: For otherwise healthy individuals that experience overall foot discomfort 

Features & Benefits
  • Dual-density cushion with motion control technology
  • All-day, load-bearing support and adaptive cushioning
  • Cradles heel for ultra-stability
  • Semi-rigid arch support
  • Microcell Puff topcover provides antimicrobial and moisture-wicking benefits
  • 1/8” extra foam cushioning layer for superior comfort
  • Full-length Nyplex bottom covering provides cushioning and reduces friction
  • 2mm polypropylene shell
  • 1/8” Nyplex foam padding
  • Microcell Puff ⅛” black swirl top cover
  • Full length underlay