5 Orthotic-Friendly & Comfortable Dress Shoes for Women

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2021 Aug 16th

You’ve been cooped up in the house for over a year due to these never-ending lockdowns, but the prospect of reopening finally means reaching for your dancing shoes. With that said, these times have taught us the importance of prioritizing health, and that means taking care of your feet as well. This post will highlight some of the best orthotic-friendly brands that are dress-appropriate for women.


If you want to dress for the occasion but feel comfy throughout, you absolutely need to try a pair of clarks. Not only do they have many fashionable options, many of them have orthotic-friendly features. They’re often described as incredibly soft, lightweight and breathable. They also have good heel heights that look great but prevent your ankle from twisting. Even more, some of their shoes contain orthotic bedding to provide extra foot support. This is why Clarks produces some of the most comfortable dress shoes for women.

Cole Haan

Cole Haan carries a wide range of comfortable dress shoes for women incorporating many different styles. They carry high heels yes, but also more orthotic-friendly options such as shoes with low wedge heels. The latter combines the height of a wedge (for style) but a ballet flat for comfort and foot support. These are the type of shoes you wear when the function you’re going to means a long night.


The good thing about Ecco shoes is that you can dress them up or down. You can also wear them just about anywhere. Some Ecco shoes come with upper straps to hold your foot in place or breathable leather linings to keep the feet cool and cozy. Some take “orthotic-friendly” to another level since they contain footbeds that are designed to cradle the natural curves and shape of women’s feet (which can differ from men).


Rockport shoes are not only a hit with the fellas - they’re great for women as well. In fact, Rockport makes comfortable dress shoes for women in various ways. Some of their offerings come equipped with fantastic shock absorption and responsiveness and a cushioned foam footbed. Some features in their shoes such as concealed metal shanks in the midsoles and outsoles for increased stability and sturdiness, or suede bases to reduce foot slippage.


Don’t be fooled - Skechers offers much more than the sneakers you swore to never wear after junior high! The company produces a good number of comfortable dress shoes for women. They’re notable for being lightweight, flexible and breathable. On top of that, they’re constructed with good treading and cushioning, making them ideal for anyone who walks for a long period of time. And again, don’t be fooled - many of these comfortable shoes from Sketchers are also stylish.

Dress to Impress Without it Being a Pain

For too long, there has been the mentality that if you want to look good in your heels, it will hurt (eventually). Although that may be true for some, it’s not the reality for women who actually seek comfortable dress shoes.

The right dress shoes can look stunning while making your feet comfortable and properly supported - never forget that. Just because a pair of dress shoes are orthotic friendly, it doesn’t mean they’re ugly.

Looking for orthotic-friendly and comfortable women’s dress shoes but not sure where to start? Get in touch with us to help you find the perfect fit!