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T206N 9359

For the last 17 years, the GT-2000™ series has produced generation after generation of high-end performance known for its consistently reliable fit, stability and cushioning.  The GT-2170™ reprises its role as the industry leader with technical updates that stay loyal to its roots while pushing forward with improved fit and ride.

  • Discrete Eyelets: the upper now features Discrete Eyelets for a more uniform pull when the laces are tightened; creating an improved personalized upper fit. 
  • Large GEL® Cushioning System: the largest GEL® unit in the GT-2000™ series to date.  This one piece GEL® heel unit has been designed with a sculpted shape to optimize cushioning.
  • Full-Length Guidance Line®: a Full Length Guidance Line® extending from the heel to the forefoot and for a super cushioned ride, perfect for helping the foot move properly through its natural path of progression.