Why Aetrex is a Go-To Choice for Men and Women’s Orthotic Shoes

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2021 May 4th

In the world of orthotic solutions, many shoe brands talk the talk, but few walk the walk. Aetrex represents the latter. Not only are they in the business making orthotic shoes for men and women, but they’re also using revolutionary technology to help mankind walk better and healthier.

This is no exaggeration.

Few footwear brands can come close to or even resemble Aetrex’s approach to making shoes, and it’s the reason why they’re consistently rated among the best for orthotic solutions. With that said, if you’re looking for comfortable shoes that offer orthotic support, then Aetrex should sit near the top of your list. We’ll take a look at the reasons why they should be.

History of Aetrex as an Orthotic-Friendly Shoe Brand

The company was founded by Paul and Charles Schwartz in 1946, under the original brand name, Apex. Right out the gate, the company dedicated itself to products that provided arch support and orthotic solutions. However, they didn’t want to rely solely on making shoes that were good fits.

That’s why Aetrex is much more than a shoe company. Not only have they been hailed as the global leader in orthotic solutions, but they’re also the world leader in foot scanning technology. The footwear brand has been adamant about helping people “feel great on their feet”, and for them, simply creating comfortable shoes was not enough.

Aetrex made a notable shift to focus on the technology aspect of footwear in 2002. They began using the iStep, a foot scanning technology that provides customers with detailed foot analyses to help them choose the best-fitting shoes for healthy feet and gait.

They also have used another system named Albert, a 3D foot scanner that helps to provide the most personalized footwear recommendations possible. It uses a mix of sensors, AI, computer vision and machine learning to help users learn everything they can about their foot anatomy in less than one minute. That data then allows customers to make the best choice of orthotic-friendly shoes to fit their feet.

With that said, Aetrex is a shoe company first and foremost, so they haven’t completely abandoned their roots as a footwear manufacturer. They have released a wide range of comfortable shoes for men and women including sandals, boots, sneakers, heels, flats and much more.

The company has offices worldwide including the USA, Israel and China, with approximately 150 people at its New Jersey HQ where much of its research and development occurs.

Why Aetrex Works So Well With Orthotic Solutions

In case you missed it, Aetrex works so well with orthotic solutions because the brand uses science and tech to make comfortable shoes for men and women. It’s fair to say they do this more than any other brand on Earth.

For example, Aetrex scanning devices capture a wide range of data on one’s foot and gait function. That includes the likes of size, length, width, height, pressure, arch type and far more data points. That same personalized data stays in the customer’s hand since it can be managed with mobile apps and uploaded into cloud analytic platforms.

Think about it for a second. Many footwear brands are content with making shoes that have removable insoles and wide toe boxes that support orthotic solutions. Aetrex literally builds technology that tells you what YOUR FEET needs, and sells shoes to fit those needs.

And it doesn’t end there.

Aetrex formulates and moulds many of their shoes to create orthotic solutions for specific purposes. For example, they manufacture shoes for individuals with plantar fasciitis, flat feet, high arches, diabetes and pregnant women. Each of these solutions requires a focus on specific technology or features.

These features include the likes of patented memory foam and cushioning technology, heel designs for pronation and performance base materials to improve gait efficiency. Essentially everything that Aetrex does revolves around ergonomics, orthotic support and making comfortable shoes for women and men.

Aetrex Design - All Substance, No Style?

For such a tech-oriented shoe brand, one might assume that Aetrex’ products look dull and boring. But such assumptions are wrong. A quick look at the Aetrex product line (or even Google image search results) reveals a brand that has a design sensibility worthy of respect.

True, they’re not the flashiest brand out there, but they’ve mastered the art of crafting straightforward and simple designs that are at once captivating but not distracting. A typical Aetrex shoe will feature one or two colours, either a monochrome scheme (one colour in two different shades) or two-colour scheme, one contrasting the other.

Patterns don’t call much attention to themselves and the designs are modern, but not as experimental and eccentric as some youth-oriented brands are. Aetrex’s design can be summed up by this statement: their shoe designs look “safe” but you won’t be sorry you bought them.

Aetrex stands out among other orthotic-friendly shoes because their shoes are designed explicitly for orthotic support. They have been a leading brand in this regard for nearly 80 years and have become a top choice for men and women with orthotic needs.

Aetrex - Orthotic Shoes Molded by Machine, Made for Humans

Aetrex is a unique footwear brand when it comes to orthotic solutions because of their approach to making shoes. They’re just as much a tech company as they are a footwear manufacturer. They use advanced scanning technology that goes run-of-the-mill foot measurements of length to help customers truly understand how their foot works.

And by offering that kind of insight and precision, customers can choose comfortable shoes and orthotic solutions that fit them better than anything else. That, at its essence, is the foundation of lasting foot health and Aetrex is one of the only brands who offers it.