6 Best Work Boot Brands for Custom Orthotics

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2020 Nov 10th

If you frequently work outdoors at construction sites, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. A job’s a job, so there’s no backing out when it’s cold, boiling, or pouring rain. An outdoor job often means that you’re more physically active than someone who works indoors, which brings its benefits when it comes to being active and moving, but also a host of problems related to your feet and overall comfort level.

Many of these problems stem from the shoes you wear. If you’re working outside in a physical job, chances are your shoes need to be large and heavy to protect you from the elements. The best work boots also need to be safe, so they come with heavy treads and rugged soles designed to cling to the ground, minimizing slips, falls, electrical hazard protection and other accidents or safety standards.

Common Reasons You’re Feeling Pain in Your Feet

Although a heavy-duty work boot will help prevent workplace injuries, the reality is that these heavy boots can contribute to foot pain and other mobility issues if they don’t fit correctly or are not comfortable.

Some of the most common foot issues come from wearing industrial boots for 8 to 12 hours a day; this can include:

Lower Back Pain

Many people with active jobs find themselves experiencing lower back pain if they’re on their feet too long. Lower back pain can happen if there isn’t enough cushioning on the sole of your shoe or if it doesn’t offer enough support on all sides.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common overuse injury. It occurs when the plantar fascia – the tight ligament that connects your heel to your toes – becomes overworked and eventually tears. Poorly-cushioned shoes, especially those without heel support, can contribute to the development of plantar fasciitis.

Flat Feet

Some people are born with flat feet, but many others develop them over time, as the arches fall due to age or poor gait. Flat feet can cause pain throughout the feet, ankles, and lower legs.

Our Top Work Boot Brands (and Why We Love Them)

At Orthotics Direct, we stock some of the most comfortable work boot brands available today. We pick each brand because of their comfort and support and their ability to fit a custom made orthotic insert.

Orthotic inserts don’t fit into every pair of boots, especially if the brand opts for permanent, rather than removable, insoles. Generally, you need to remove insoles to accommodate the new orthotic device. We made sure to pick brands with removable insoles, so it’s easy to pair them with a custom-made supportive insole.

Here are some of our favourite comfortable work boots.


Baffin is a Canadian brand founded in 1979. They’re best known for their outdoor shoes, including comfortable work boots, hiking boots, and over-the-knee boots for deep snow. Baffin sizes their shoes for a roomy fit, with an EVA midsole and outer rubber sole, so they’re comfortable without being too heavy. Plus, Baffin pads the tongue and collar generously to limit excessive pressure or friction on the top of the foot.

Some of our favourites from Baffin include their Blizzard ankle boot, Zone hiking boot, and Eldora high boot, which has a waterproof interior bootie and durable D-ring lacing.


Although their sports gear often gets the most attention, Keen’s boots are great for wearing at work. Their anti-traction soles are excellent for walking on slippery or unstable surfaces, and the integrated PU heel cushion gives outstanding support to your heel that never compresses or gets too stiff, no matter how far you have to go.

The boots’ ankle height also keeps the foot stable and supported, limiting overuse injuries like plantar fasciitis.

Their most supportive styles that also accept a custom orthotic insert include the Durand Mid WP hiking boot, the Oakridge Mid WP boot, and the women’s Targhee II Mid WP.


Magnum makes several unique work boots in sleek and unobtrusive styles. If you need to wear work boots outdoors on a more formal or professional occasion, they’re a great choice.

Their Stealth Force men’s work boots come in a 6” height and a taller 8” model, but Magnum makes each boot with the same lower shoe components. These features include full-grain leather and nylon upper, moisture-wicking lining to limit foot sweat, and a compression-moulded EVA midsole.


Terra makes work boots for various job sites and designs to support hard-working feet.

For their popular Pilot 8” boots, Terra especially treats the exterior rubber outsole to resist heat, acid, and oil. At the same time, Terra makes the upper sole from light waterproof nylon and leather for a sleek yet functional look. Inside the shoe, the structure includes lightweight FIRMA-FLEX metal, which helps keep the foot in the proper pronation without adding weight to the shoe.


Timberland shoes have a classic look that’s been a staple of hard-working outdoor wardrobes since 1952. You can opt for their classic leather utility boots or choose a full suede option with all the same features you know and love, like full insulation, anti-fatigue midsole, and waterproof construction.

Buy Work Boots Packaged with Custom Orthotic Inserts

One of the best ways to make sure your insert will fit your pair of work boots is to buy them as a package from Orthotics Direct. Instead of buying them separately and going through the complex fitting process yourself, let our trained technicians do it for you.

After you put your order in, we’ll use your precise measurements to craft a custom made orthotic insert that fits your feet. Then, we’ll give it a careful trim and insert it into the work boot of your choice. They’ll get shipped to your door and arrive ready to wear.

Don’t go another day with sore, aching feet. Try a pair of orthotics from Orthotics Direct to ease your feet during a long workday.