100% Canadian Custom-Made Orthotics

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2022 Apr 29th

Approximately 45% of consumers will go out of their way to buy Canadian-made items. Not only is it a way to directly support Canada, but it also ensures that the products you are ordering are held to the strict quality control standards we follow here.

Did you know that Orthotics Direct is Canadian-made? All of our custom made orthotics are fabricated in house here in Hamilton, Ontario.

Buying Non-Canadian

Before, most consumers didn’t consider the affects their shopping habits had on the economies we live in. We were on the lookout for low-cost products, usually made abroad, and concerned ourselves with quantity over quality. I’m sure you’ve noticed that products that our great-grandparents bought were built to last, and now, most products are throw-away or disposable. This trend affects not only your pocketbook but also the environment!

Not only was the quality of products on its way out the door, so were jobs for thousands of Canadians. Canadian manufacturing jobs started disappearing at an alarming rate. For example, between 2003 and 2008, 350,000 manufacturing jobs were lost.

Although the job market has not done a complete 180°, consumers have become more concerned with buying locally-made/sourced products, rather than finding the cheapest price tag. More and more companies are striving to reduce their carbon footprint with more balance and better quality control.

Why you should consider buying Canadian made products:

  1. The Economy: When you buy a product that is made in Canada, you are having a direct positive impact. This entire cycle creates jobs, puts money back into the community (i.e. Donating to charity, cultural associations).
  2. Health and Safety: There are certain rules and regulations that Canadian businesses, and products, need to follow and uphold. When you buy a product that is made in Canada, you know that product has met the necessary regulations.
  3. Environment: When we buy local products, we are reducing our carbon footprint because it requires much less transportation.
  4. Labor Standards: Due to certain Labour laws in Canada, we can order products confidently knowing that the people making them are treated fairly and are working in safe and sanitary conditions. You also know that that they were compensated fairly for their work.

Orthotics Direct Custom-Made Orthotics

Orthotics Direct is 100% Canadian made and owned. You are buying quality with direct oversight in the manufacturing process. They aren’t a one-time wear type of product. They are built to last.

Our orthotics don’t travel around the world to get to you, nor do they get stuck, waiting to be shipped at international airports across the world. Our products arrive at your door in a timely manner, all well knowing you have helped fuel the Canadian supply chain.

Buying Canadian-made products or mostly Canadian-made products provides a massive boost to the entire economy. It is a great feeling knowing your product selection is making a difference.

In good ol’ Canadian fashion - please buy Canadian-made, eh!