How Custom Orthotics Help with Poor Circulation in Feet

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2020 Nov 16th

Have you ever experienced the sensation of pins and needles or felt your feet tingle when you’re going about your day? If so, you may be experiencing poor circulation in your feet. Poor circulation occurs when blood takes longer than usual to reach the extremities of the body.

Poor circulation doesn’t appear on its own – it’s typically a symptom of a more severe condition. If you feel like the circulation in your feet has changed, it’s essential to consult a doctor right away, so they can evaluate your health and determine the underlying cause. If the poor circulation to your feet continues unchecked, it can eventually lead to severe tissue and nerve damage. Getting medical advice will be vital in ensuring optimal health for your feet and legs.

Today, we’ll talk about the signs and symptoms of poor foot circulation and discuss whether you could benefit from custom orthotics as part of a holistic treatment plan for this condition.

Signs and Symptoms of Poor Circulation in Feet

It’s not unusual for your hands and feet to feel colder than the rest of your body. However, if your feet often feel numb or experience pins and needles like you just came in from the cold, it may be a sign of poor circulation.

Often, this sensation begins with mild throbbing and tingling but can eventually progress to severe and debilitating pain that limits your mobility. Other common symptoms of poor circulation in your feet include muscle cramps, varicose veins, and a change in your feet’ overall undertone from a healthy warm colour to blue or purple.

Causes of Poor Foot Circulation

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms for the first time, consult your doctor right away. Poor circulation in your hands and feet is a common side effect of some severe medical conditions.

Here are some of the most common causes of poor foot circulation.

Peripheral Artery Disease

When a person develops peripheral artery disease (PAD), their blood vessels and arteries narrow due to a buildup of plaque. PAD can lead to constricted blood flow, beginning in the legs and feet. In addition to experiencing poor circulation symptoms in the feet, it’s also common for people with PAD to feel pain in their calves after walking or exercise or notice that cuts on their legs and feet heal much slower than usual.

Blood Clots

Another common cause of poor circulation in the feet are blood clots. They can develop anywhere in the body and partially or completely block blood flow in that vein or artery. If the clot breaks away and passes through your heart or brain, it could cause a severe stroke or heart attack.

If you’ve recently developed a clot, you may notice circulation problems in that area. You may also feel the area around the clot becoming visibly swollen and red. If you think you have poor circulation in your feet, and notice swelling around the area, consult a doctor immediately.

Again, symptoms of poor circulation left untreated can be life-threatening, signalling health issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure or reduced blood flow.


Many people with diabetes develop diabetic neuropathy, which occurs when the patient’s elevated blood sugar levels cause nerve damage. This condition can develop so gradually that it’s difficult to notice when symptoms are getting worse. In addition to poor circulation, common symptoms include foot cramps and an increased sensitivity to touch.

How Custom Orthotics Can Relieve Poor Circulation in Feet Symptoms

Wearing custom orthotics cannot reverse damage from poor circulation, but it can help as part of a treatment for poor circulation in your feet.

By supporting feet in an optimal position for comfort and gait, custom orthotics help reduce pressure on sensitive areas, improve circulation, and improve blood flow. They also help keep feet healthy by limiting friction, protecting them from ulcers, infections, and other issues triggered by poor circulation.

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