Foot Pain in Kids - Causes and Treatment

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2020 Nov 18th

Are you concerned about your child’s posture, or are they complaining about foot pain?

Sometimes, these complaints are temporary – the result of an energetic playdate or an accident. Other times, these complaints stem from foot issues that need to be corrected to prevent further foot problems.

The active lifestyle that most kids lead leaves them vulnerable to certain types of foot pain or even occasional ankle injuries. Although bumps and bruises are a natural part of life, examining foot pain in kids every time it occurs ensures that the issue isn’t the result of a much larger posture or gait issue.

Kids are so resilient that these signs and symptoms can often go unnoticed.

Today, we’ll discuss some of the most common issues that cause children to experience foot pain or foot conditions and show you how orthotics and arch supports can be part of a holistic treatment plan to help with foot pain or foot issues.

Common Issues that Causes Foot Pain in Children

If your child is complaining of foot or heel pain, and these issues persist without a doctor’s attention, it may take longer for the problems to heal once a treatment plan is in place. Once you’re aware of these children’s foot issues’ symptoms, it will be easier to spot problems before they affect your child’s mobility.

In-toeing and Out-toeing

In-toeing and out-toeing is something that toddlers do when they’re first learning how to walk. It’s adorable to see your baby finally starting to take their first steps, but some parents get concerned when they see their child pushing their toes either too far inwards or outwards.

This gait abnormality is normal in young children and is generally not a cause of toddler foot pain. However, as they grow up, they should start walking normally.

If your child is three or older and still in-toe or out-toe when they walk, you should consult a doctor to see if this is something to be concerned about further.

Flat Feet

All children under the age of three have flat feet. However, if they don’t develop an arch as they grow, this can cause concern. If your child is over the age of four and is complaining of foot pain, it may be because they have rigid, inflexible flat feet.

Can Custom Shoe Inserts Correct These Issues?

If you’ve noticed that your child is complaining of foot pain, can’t keep up with their friends when they’re playing sports, or are continually tripping and falling, they may have a foot issue that requires treatment.

Orthotics can correct some of these issues, but a doctor must prescribe them. Orthotics will not benefit children under the age of five, and in some cases of flat feet, the doctor will simply suggest that the child be encouraged to go barefoot as much as possible.

Doctors will prescribe orthotics after examining the child’s regular walking gait and looking at their posture and anatomy. They can also get a good sense of the child’s walking pattern by looking at a pair of their shoes. If there are any irregular wear patterns or points of excessive pressure, they will take that into account as well.

Best Practices for Kid Orthotics

If your doctor prescribes shoe inserts for your kids, they will give you clear instructions for using them most effectively. Children should only wear orthotics prescribed by their doctor or a foot and ankle surgeon to avoid any negative impact on their natural walking gait and foot shape.

Children should wear their orthotics most of the time, and you should replace the orthotic device as soon as the child’s foot grows. Most doctors will follow up after six months of orthotics use to see how the child is progressing.

Find the Best Shoe Inserts for Kids at Orthotics Direct

It is vitally important that children wear orthotics that fit them well and pair them with shoes that accommodate the device without constricting the foot in any way. An excellent way to do that is to buy an orthotic and shoe package through Orthotics Direct.

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