How Ecco Footwear Merges Fashion and Function

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2021 Feb 10th

Ecco shoes are a brand known for creating high-performance, stylish footwear that supports your feet. In this article, we’ll take a look at the history of this Danish shoe company and how their innovations in shoe technology make them one of the most recommended brands by podiatrists for people who need orthotic solutions.

History of The Brand

Ecco was founded in 1963 by brothers Karl and Birte Toosbury in the small town of Bredebro in southern Denmark. Karl was a shoemaker in Copenhagen who dreamed of running his workshop.

He moved with his family to Southern Denmark and acquired an empty factory to begin the business. By the end of 1963, the company had over 74 employees and produced leather shoes for the Danish market.

The company expanded their operations in the 1980s, and by 1982, its sales had reached 1 million pairs. To deal with this increasing demand, they opened production facilities in Portugal, Japan and Cyprus.

They also opened a research facility to focus on design and innovation and the first flagship retail store in 1998. By 2000, the Ecco company owned their entire production process from design to leather manufacturing to retail sales.

Classic Ecco style and design for both men and women

The first classic Ecco style was known as the ‘Ecco Joke’ and was designed by Ejnar Truelson. This range of footwear followed variations on the original moccasin style of shoes made from exceedingly soft, high-quality leather. The shoes also featured the Ecco logo moulded into the bottom of the sole - they were the first shoe company to do this.

Because Ecco owns their entire production line and retail facilities, they have full control over the quality of their shoes and materials. They are a premium choice for comfortable shoes for men and comfortable shoes for women throughout the world.

Ecco is known for its innovation in creating stylish and comfortable shoes that fit your feet. One of their latest creations is the direct injection polyurethane sole units. This method creates soles that are lightweight, flexible, hard-wearing, shock-absorbing and long-lasting. In short, everything you want in a well-made, stylish shoe.

Why Ecco works great with orthotic solutions

Ecco shoes have built-in arch support and heel support that help keep your feet in natural alignment. Their removable insoles offer flexibility for wearers and make space for custom orthotics, making them an excellent choice for orthotic shoes for women and orthotic shoes for men. Ecco shoes are created to provide a natural fit and feel for your foot, and they are an excellent fit for those who need extra orthotic support.

Our Favourite Ecco Styles


The Inglewood is a classic stylish men’s formal shoe that gives you exceptional design and comfort. It features a flexible PU outsole with shock points to provide extra cushioning and a Comfort Fibre System to keep air circulating your feet to keep you cool. The leather upper, made from soft full-grain leather, moves naturally with your feet as you walk.


The Tredtray is a women’s winter boot for those who are after winter adventures and want their feet to stay stylish, warm and dry. This fully waterproof boot is treated with HM100K Technology to keep you dry and a soft wool lining to keep your feet insulated and warm. The sole, made from Ecco’s FLUIDFORM™ process, binds the upper to the high traction lug outsole without glue or stitching.

Flexure Runner II

The Flexure Runner II is a leather athletic sneaker for women. The leather is premium Nappa leather with a rich, satin texture for a modern look and feel. Inside, the leather-covered inlay sole and a textile lining give you breathability. The lightweight, durable PU sole gives you outstanding foot support and provides flexibility to keep you comfortable on your feet all day.

We folks at Orthotics Direct are pleased to carry our line of Ecco shoes. Our selection of quality, comfortable and stylish shoes can also combine with our custom orthotic inserts for maximum support and custom orthotics guaranteed to fit casual shoes, men dress shoes, or accommodate your foot conditions perfectly.