Lacoste Shoes and Your Orthotic Inserts

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2020 Dec 11th

Since 1933, Lacoste has been synonymous with style and class. Lacoste’s founder, legendary tennis player René Lacoste, designed the first tennis shirt that the company sold, modelled after a shirt he wore for games.

Despite maintaining a classic look, the company has innovated and expanded over the years, launching perfumes and leather goods in the 1960s and sunglasses in 1981. Finally, in 1985, they turned their attention to shoes.

Lacoste shoes have been around since 1985 and have been a favourite of athletes and fashionistas alike. Lacoste’s dedication to heel and arch support and creating footwear for those moving for long periods makes them a staple in both the fashion and sports world. Branded with the label’s signature crocodile, Lacoste designs their shoes so that everyone can enjoy a life free from foot pain.

From Foot Pain to Arch Support: Lacoste’s Signature Features

Lacoste shoes have many features that offer comfort and support. Originally designed to stand up to heavy use in sports, Lacoste’s thick soles provide plenty of cushioning, protecting you from heel pain as well as conditions like plantar fasciitis, which can be exacerbated by overuse.

They also have plenty of internal cushioning on the padded insole, making feet more comfortable. These features are great on their own, but the two are greater than the sum of their parts when you add custom orthotic shoe inserts. Despite their clean look, there is enough internal height inside a Lacoste shoe to easily fit an orthotic insert without putting pressure on the feet’ top.

Plus, the rounded toe and slim profile ensure that the shoe will never look bulky or out of place in any formal environment. Here are some of our favourite styles that we carry in our shop.

Lacoste Shoes for Men

Ampthill G416

The Ampthill G416 is a chukka-inspired sneaker made with the signature Lacoste contrast sole. By Lacoste making the exterior in premium leather, these shoes are great for all-weather. The interior is also lined with breathable cotton to ensure your feet don’t get too hot throughout the day.

Carnaby RS 2

Are you looking for a classic tennis shoe? The Carnaby RS 2 is the men’s version of this classic tennis staple. Making them in an all-white design with a discrete crocodile logo, Lacoste also creates an interior with soft and breathable fabric, while the sole and insole offer good arch support.

Lacoste Shoes for Women

Carnaby Evo

The women’s version of the classic tennis shoe is the Carnaby Evo. The upper is made from premium leather, with a contrast fabric heel to help make it easier to put on and take off. The sole offers plenty of traction and comfortable cushioning to help avoid conditions like plantar fasciitis. Plus, paired with insoles, you can wear your favourite Lacoste shoes to minimize Achilles tendon, flat feet and heel spurs.

Eyyla Slip 119

If you need a pair of shoes that offers slim lines and generous support to the bottom of your foot but still slips on easily, opt for the Eyyla Slip 119. A cushioned insole and the outsole are made with their classic rubber formulation to help avoid slips and falls. Plus, the removable mesh sock linings allow you to insert your custom orthotic easily.

Buy a Lacoste and Custom Orthotic Insert Package

On the Orthotics Direct site, you can explore our whole line of available Lacoste shoes, then choose to pair them with any of our custom orthotic inserts.

When you buy a package like this, you get our guarantee that your orthotics will fit into your shoe perfectly. We’ll make sure of that before any shoes you order leave our facility. Then, we ship them right to your door, so they’re ready to wear. Stay stylish and comfortable with any Lacoste shoe and one of our custom orthotic inserts.

When you first get your orthotics, all it takes is to start to wear them for 20 minutes a couple of times a day to break them in. Soon, you’ll be getting back to your routine and minimizing pain and discomfort.