Lower Back Pain When Walking or Standing? Get Relief

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2020 Sep 4th

Experiencing lower back pain when you’re walking or even standing can be a huge barrier in your life.

Even though lower back pain is extremely common, and many people deal with it periodically, not knowing how to handle it will only make it worse. If you’re aware of what’s causing your sore back, you can take steps to mitigate the damage and relieve the pain.

Today, we’ll talk about some of the most common causes of lumbago, or lower back pain, and offer some suggestions for small changes that will have a big impact on your life.

Common Lower Back Pain Causes

While sometimes an overly enthusiastic game of touch football or heavy box is the culprit, more often than not people experience chronic, ongoing back pain as a result of lifestyle factors.

Many different factors can contribute to lower back pain when walking or standing. Some of the most common are stress, bad posture, or a sedentary lifestyle that’s inadvertently contributing to the decline of your musculoskeletal strength. Sometimes, the cause of your pain is as simple as your mattress.

When Should You See a Doctor About Chronic Back Pain?

While chronic back pain might be a barrier to your work and recreational life, most people try to push through it, resting and using pain medication and heat packs to get relief.

However, if you experience severe lower back pain when walking, or additional symptoms like weakness or pain in the legs, you should see a doctor immediately. You could be experiencing a more serious issue like degenerative disk disease or lumbar spinal stenosis.

Gait Problems That Cause Back Pain

Another common issue that can cause chronic back pain is your gait. A common culprit is overpronation. Everyone pronates or rolls their foot inwards when their foot strikes the ground. Overpronation occurs when the feet roll inward too much.

If left untreated, it can cause ongoing injuries including shin splints, stress fractures on the foot, and chronic lower back pain. All of these symptoms will get worse with overuse.

Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to get relief.

Custom Orthotics and Comfortable Shoes Relieve Lower Back Pain

If your back pain gets worse after prolonged periods of standing or walking, your gait may be causing your lower back pain. Without correction, overpronation will continue to occur and can contribute to ongoing lumbago.

Fortunately, correcting gait problems like overpronation is quite simple, when you have the right shoes and insoles. Shoes with a good, supportive cushion and custom orthotics both help stop your feet from rolling inward too sharply.

The best shoes for overpronation have a stable, supportive midsole area, as well as strong supports along the side of the shoe to limit inward rolling.

Can Orthotics Relieve Lower Back Pain When Walking?

Another great resource for people with ongoing lower back pain is custom orthotics. These can be made to fit the unique shape of your feet, and are designed to offer comfortable yet supportive cushioning to limit the impact as the foot strikes the ground.

At Orthotics Direct, all of our orthotic insoles are made to fit your precise measurements. The experts from our customer service team can help you choose a package that offers the exact amount of cushioning and support you need to correct gait issues and relieve lower back pain.

We can even help you choose the right shoes. Before we ship your orthotics package, we’ll place your custom orthotics into your chosen shoes, and will evaluate them closely to ensure a good fit.