Magnum: Tactical Footwear that Goes the Distance

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2021 May 21st

Tough-as-nails jobs require tough-as-nails footwear and few brands meet those requirements like Magnum does. Compared to other brands, Magnum is a relatively “young” brand, but their influence and image is that of a more established brand that’s “lived” for twice as long, even more.

They’re in the business of making footwear for the brave men and women who work in some of the toughest industries you can think of. Military, industrial, law enforcement and fire & rescue personnel all rely on Magnum footwear for support, comfort and strength in the face of danger. With that said, here’s what you need to know about this tactically-focused brand and how their shoes provide orthotic support.

History of the Magnum Brand

  • 1982 - Magnum is born in response to the FBI’s demand for a lightweight, athletic yet comfortable boot that was applicable to tactical situations.
  • 1985 - Initial success and demand for Magnum boots prompts the company to invest in research and development (R&D), to make the most viable boots possible. They start to produce various types of mid-cut boots including full-leather, waterproof and steel toe ones.
  • 1990 - After Magnum achieved major recognition and success in the USA, worldwide interest and demand increases for their boots. The company responds by creating a global footwear collection that includes boots made for various climates, terrain and tastes outside of North America.
  • 1998 - Magnum establishes the Magnum Tactical Advisory Council (MTAC), an advisory committee dedicated to learning about end-user needs and to create boots that fulfill those needs.
  • 2000 - Magnum separates from its parent company Hi-Tec and starts to expand its operations and departments.
  • 2003 - The company’s Elite Force series becomes the first-ever globally certified line of footwear for tactical use (mainly, among law enforcement)
  • 2006 - Magnum’s Stealth Force becomes the top-selling uniform boot in the world, and the top-choice for law enforcement, fire & rescue, security and ambulance workers.
  • 2011 - Nearly 30 years after its debut, Magnum enters the work/industrial safety market and launches the Magnum Work Collection, a line of footwear geared towards construction and service industry workers
  • 2012 - Magnum wins the SATRA PPE Innovation Award for “Best Innovation in Safety Footwear” for its Sidewinder Combat HPI Multicam.
  • 2013 - Magnum makes its next industry foray: the healthcare and service sectors. They are a collection of footwear certified for the needs of medical staff, one of which (Armadillo) wins an award (Professional Clothing Awards, Innovation in Safety Footwear Award 2014).
  • 2015 - The footwear giant launches the Vulcan Fire, a global collection of tactical footwear meant for workers not only in the toughest industries, but the toughest conditions. Unsurprisingly, the Vulcan Fire becomes a big hit among Australian firefighters.
  • 2017 - Magnum launches their Strike Force series, the first of its kind to feature Exogel technology. It also features a unique combination of other components including Michelin outsoles.

Magnum continues to enjoy major success and recognition worldwide. The brand is sold in over 100 countries, and is the number one choice for professionals who work in tactical industries ranging from law enforcement to healthcare and more.

Why Do Magnum Boots Work Well With Orthotic Solutions

First and foremost, Magnum footwear HAS to be orthotic friendly because they’re made for workers who endure brutal and dangerous situations. Even though they’re used to rough conditions, their feet have to be comfortable for their safety and endurance.

That’s why you’ll be hard-pressed to find Magnum boots that lack orthotic-friendly features. In other words, they’re in the business of making comfortable shoes for men and women, especially those who work in risky occupations. With that said, here’s a look at some of these features.

Orthotic Friendly Features Found in Magnum Boots

  • EXOGEL Technology - This technology allows Magnum boots to absorb up to 80% of impact forces to the ankle by stiffening on impact. This protects the foot from excess force which can lead to injury. However, the EXOGEL material returns to its natural relaxed state, so that the foot feels comfortable.
  • Michelin Insole Fitting - Michelin-fitted insoles provide various safety features that can protect against foot injuries including multifaceted sculptures for superior traction. They also allow for flexibility yet remain lightweight - a combination that ensures healthy motion and comfort for the foot all at once.
  • Recoil Midsoles - Magnum footwear comes with RECOIL midsoles, which are formulated with special technology that reduces shock absorption (69% more rebound than standard). It also provides maximum comfort thanks to cushioning that rebounds back to its original position.

In addition to these more advanced features, Magnum footwear contains orthotic friendly solutions such as removable lining. This makes it possible for users to insert their own custom-made orthotics if needed. Also, Magnum footwear offers resistance to dozens of hazards present at high-risk jobs including water, electrical, puncture resistance and much more.

Design Features of Magnum Boots

We don’t need to spend too much time on Magnum footwear design because you’re going to see one style prevail for the most part - mid to high-cut boots. That’s their specialty, their bread-and-butter. They design such boots fantastically, of course.

You’re not going to find very colourful offerings here, and that’s okay because they’re not trying to impress fashionistas. With that said, their boots look sturdy and rugged yet clean and minimalistic in terms of patterns and colour. You wouldn’t wear them to a party, but they look great and complement uniforms, scrubs and other “industrial” apparel very well.

Magnum - An Orthotic Friendly Shoe Built for the Front Line

Magnum footwear has built its reputation on providing tactical gear for workers who deal with emergencies or heavy-duty conditions. But the company has succeeded not only in responding to their needs but also, for the fact they make comfortable shoes for men and women who put their lives at risk.

If you are among this crowd, Magnum has got your back (and feet) covered, especially if you also are prone to foot troubles and pain. You deserve the best in foot protection and comfort, and Magnum delivers both.

Are you a frontline worker who needs a blend of foot protection and comfort under tough conditions? Get in touch with us so we can help you find the best orthotic solutions for you.