Our Favourite Brooks Running Shoes for Women

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2021 Feb 28th

History of the Brooks Brand

Brooks began in 1914 making ballet slippers and bathing shoes out of a small factory in Philidelphia. From 1920-1940 the company moved into making baseball cleats (worn by Mikey Mantle), football cleats and rollerskates, even inventing the rubber stopper on the front of roller skates. They also moved into children’s shoes, creating a line of children’s orthopedic shoes.

In the 1970s, the company turned its focus to running shoes and began a history of innovation in running gear. They developed the Villanova in 1974 with feedback from Olympic runner Marty Liquori. It was the first shoe to use EVA, an air-infused foam. Brooks quickly followed by creating a wedge-shaped sole to support overpronation and was ranked #1 by Runner’s World.

For the next few decades, Brooks would continue to create high-performance, comfortable shoes for women running shoes and athletic shoes, using innovative technology designed for runners and athletes. They entered 2001 re-focused on high-performance running shoes and cut their product line by 50%.

Among their many innovations was a new polymer-based substance, MoGo. MoGo represents a complete update to the industry-standard EVA foam midsole. A few years later, they made MoGo fully biodegradable and released the formula to share the innovation with their competitors.

Classic style and design that make Brooks great for running, and a great style choice

The Brooks Company focuses on high-performance running technology. They are innovators in design and performance to help support runners and keep their feet comfortable. When designing their first women’s running shoe in 1987, they created an anatomically adjusted line of shoes designed for women.

They launched the Brooks Heritage Collection in 2016 with vintage designs updated with new technology. They also introduced the first customized running shoe that uses 3D foot scanning with gait analysis and pressure mapping to create a custom running shoe and some of the most comfortable shoes for women.

Why Brooks works great with orthotic solutions

Brooks understands the feet and the needs of runners. Their latest innovation is a holistic approach to running support. Rather than trying to correct an incorrect gait, they’ve created a line that allows runners to move in their way, offering support through guide rails only when needed. Brooks shoes also fit custom orthotics, making them excellent options for women’s orthotic shoes.

Our Favourite Brooks Running Shoes for Women


The Neuro is a neutral high-performance sneaker for women. It features Propulsion Pods and BioMoGo DNA encapsulated into blown rubber that provides adaptive cushioning and rapidly returns energy. It also fits like a glove with the Dynamic Hammock System that improves foot alignment.

Pure Cadence 3

The Pure Cadence 3 running shoe is an ultra-light supportive running shoe with a rounded heel and a sculpted medial midfoot. Feel the support without the extra weight.

Pure Grit 6 Trail

The Pure Grit 6 Trail shoe is a shoe designed for runners in the great outdoors. It has excellent traction with soft cushioning and a flexible forefoot to help you handle any obstacle.

Pure Flow 6

The Pure Flow 6 features a seamless upper that feels like a sock for a smooth feel on your foot. The rounded heel helps with your alignment, and the DNA LT cushioning adapts to each step making the Pure Flow 6 a lightweight, agile running shoe.

Ravenna 7

The Ravenna 7 is an exceptional running shoe for those with overpronation. You get support from the Diagonal Rollbar and Forefoot Pods that deliver significant energy returns. These are fast shoes that feel great and optimize flexibility.

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