Rescuing Orthotic Support: The Return of the Comfy Shoe

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2021 Mar 1st

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the loungewear industry has been booming. As many office-goers started to work from home, the office’s formal dress faded in favour of comfort.

There has been a shift in attitude towards the type of clothing we put on our bodies, and in turn, fashion companies have begun to make changes in their production, marketing and distribution efforts. This lockdown has allowed consumers to look more closely and think more critically about the brands they choose to support.

On the Rise: Comfortable Shoes for Women and Men

Comfort clothing is the pandemic fashion trend that is here to stay. Once you buy comfy clothes that also look good, there’s a fat chance that you will go back to those stuffy office slacks.

Not only has the comfort trend affected clothing, but it has also extended down to our shoes and socks. Well-known shoe brand UGG enjoyed a significant sales quarter. In fact, “sport leisure” footwear is set to surpass designer fashion and dress footwear for at least a little while. With interest focused on less technical and more versatile shoes, we’ll see more brands will start to respond to this new norm.

“People just want to be a little bit more cozy. I think that practicality is what people are gravitating toward right now,” said Stefano Gugliotta, an Instagram Influencer who dedicates her social account to shoe culture.

The focus on comfortability is also majorly linked to health and wellness. This rise to popularity has been a long time coming as more and more people are interested in taking their health seriously while also looking the part.

After all, one of the most significant advantages to switching your wardrobe over to comfort is that you can be way more productive when you’re comfortable. Some might argue that this was a movement from fashion to practicality.

Also, an increasing number of consumers favour spending a bit more on something good for them, instead of buying “fast fashion” or “throwaway” fashion.

Ergonomics For the Feet

As the importance of ergonomics in our work from home setups, we also should provide that same attention and care towards what we put on our feet.

Many younger generations choose to purchase footwear that is comfortable, practical and durable, rather than buy new models each month, seeing the heftier price tag as an investment in foot support and foot health. The durability of a trusted shoe brand that lasts longer ends up being more affordable and friendlier for the planet.

Why should you invest in orthotics?

With our comfort and health top of mind, it’s pushed a lot of consumers to think about other medical applications that might make our day-to-day life less achy, especially for those of us who work on our feet.

Orthotics help by providing cushion and comfort, and they also work to support any abnormal movement of our feet. Having foot pain is not normal, and when you experience foot pain, it is usually due to some sort of abnormality of your feet. Orthotics can help you with the proper foot alignment and movement.

What else can orthotics do?

Orthotics help to enhance your life while you're running errands or exercising. Custom orthotics can help you improve your athletic performance and help you during any high-impact sports you might have picked up during the pandemic.

They’ll help you distribute weight more evenly across the surface of your foot, which also improves your overall balance. On top of that, they absorb shock and create better motion control, improving foot and leg movements and reducing muscle fatigue.

Our feet take a beating each day while we walk, run or jump. Orthotics are a great preventative measure against injuries and the formation of long-term or chronic pain in our body. Orthotics can prevent injuries like medial tibial stress syndrome, plantar fasciitis and knee pain.

Overall, orthotics can bring many benefits to your life and well-being by improving the balance and alignment on your feet and taking pressure off other parts of your body.

If you’re still in pain from your day, this could affect how well you sleep or how you perform while being active. Introducing custom orthotics into your life is a small step you can take towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Comfortable Shoes for Men and Women at Orthotics Direct

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