Ryka - Orthotic Support Designed For Women - Offered By Orthotics Direct

2023 Sep 26th

Women are active and perpetually on-the-go. Ryka is a leading brand that works to actively reshape the world for these feminine heroes. Ryka is the first-ever athletic shoe brand solely dedicated to women. The company engineers athletic shoes specifically for a woman’s unique foot shape, muscle movement, and build, with orthotic support prebuilt for this purpose.

Wondering what’s so great about Ryka shoes? Read on and find out what makes the orthotic support offered by Ryka shoes so unique for women, and why Orthotics Direct, a leader in custom orthotics, chooses to offer Ryka products.

The Force Behind Ryka’s Growth As The First-Ever Athletic Shoe Brand Exclusively for Women


- Sheri Poe, Ryka Founder

Meet Sheri Poe, a force to be reckoned with in an industry dominated by men. In launching Ryka in 1987, Poe understood that women need orthotic support that is more than just a "pinked-up" version of a mens’ shoe. Women need athletic footwear that celebrates and embraces the uniqueness of a woman's foot. Poe believed that women deserve better orthotic support, and she has been living up to that, by ensuring the orthotic support in her designs always have women in mind.

Today, women wear Ryka’s no-compromise athletic footwear during workouts, playing sports, and in maintaining an active lifestyle.Ryka's commitment to excellence in athletic footwear empowers women from all walks of life.

The Game-Changing Ryka Orthotic Technology: Pioneering Innovation in Orthotic Support

Ryka footwear highlights the critical role of the Q Angle in enhancing women's athletic performance through orthotic support. What is the Q Angle? Q Angle is an anatomical measurement that defines the width of the pelvic area. A high Q Angle results in quadriceps pulling on the patella, potentially causing poor patellar tracking. With a high Q Angle, prolonged physical activity puts excess pressure on the knees and increases the risk of foot pronation (imbalance). It further causes the foot to roll inward, leading to biomechanical problems.

Ryka introduced robust orthotic support in women’s shoes as an innovative approach to regulate the Q Angle value and reduce biomechanical problems for women. While Ryka shoes do an excellent job supporting women’s feet, Studies recommend custom-made orthotics, like those offered by Orthotics Direct, to effectively control and correct Q Angle asymmetries optimally.

The Ryka Difference in Athletic Shoes

Ryka supports a woman’s foot logically with extremely well-engineered, high quality footwear. Ryka shoes help boost women’s performance, reducing pain and fatigue. Ryka shoes take into account key elements of the female anatomy, including:

WIDER FOREFOOT: Get extra stability for every squat + lunge

NARROWER HEEL: Providing a more secure fit for every run

SHOCK ABSORPTION: Meticulously tested for more bounce, flexibility, and energy return

CONTOURED FLEXIBLE CUSHIONING: Soft fabric with durable faux leather and padded collar.

Ryka stands out among athletic shoe brands by tailoring its products to meet the evolving needs of women participating in sports and athletics.

Custom Orthotics for Women At Orthotics Direct

Orthotics Direct provides world-class custom orthotics and footwear, supporting women in the prevention of injuries common to female athletes:

  • ACL tears
  • Stress fractures
  • Tendonitis
  • Shin splints
  • Ankle sprains
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Kneecap pain

Orthotics Direct is proud to offer Ryka products that empower women in sport and in everyday life.