Timberlands and Custom Orthotics = Unrivalled Foot and Ankle Support

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2020 Dec 15th

Many people who live an active lifestyle struggle once they develop any kind of ankle, leg, or foot pain. It’s difficult to enjoy the activities you love when your feet hurt, or you struggle with unexplained heel pain that only gets worse when you’re active.

Usually, you can help your feet feel better by investing in a pair of shoes with excellent cushioning and support. One of our favourite brands with an excellent reputation for both durability and extra cushioning is Timberland.

Let’s talk about some of the features that have made these shoes so popular for men and women.

Timberland Shoes: A History

Timberland is probably best known for its yellow leather boots, first introduced by the company in 1973. Timberland’s positive reputation as one of the first truly waterproof leather boots soon spread worldwide as a symbol of American individuality.

Now, Timberland sells many boots and has used the lessons they learned in their early days to craft a line of entirely waterproof boots, with flexible insoles and OrthoLite® footbeds designed for all-day cushioning and support. These insoles are also breathable, allowing air to circulate the foot to stay cooler and get less sweaty throughout the day.

Why You May Benefit from Timberland Boots

Timberland boots and shoes aren’t just stylish. They offer some of the best cushioning and support on the market. Their features include firm arch support and support through the heel, which is crucial for individuals suffering from plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. Since many of their boots have sturdy laces up the ankle, this also helps ensure that the area through the heel and ankle gets the support it needs.

Timberland shoes and boots also have a generously-sized toe area, which is excellent for people with hammer toe or bunions. Space allows the toes to spread out, avoiding situations where pressure and friction can cause painful blisters and corns.

Our Favourite Timberlands with Extra Cushioning and Support

Whether you prefer boots or want to try a pair of Timberland shoes with plenty of their signature support, we have various options on our site. Here are some of our favourites.

The Classic

The classic Timberland yellow leather boot is available for both men (we carry the 6” tall version lined with fleece) and women. These boots are made with a fully waterproof nubuck leather upper and an antimicrobial OrthoLite foam footbed, with plenty of support through the ankle when you lace up the shoe fully.

Courmayeur 6”

If you prefer boots with a bit of a heel, try the women’s Courmayeur 6” boot. The 1.5” heel isn’t overwhelming. Still, it adds a bit of glamour to a boot with plenty of winter utility features like a rubber lug outsole and a padded collar to keep the ankle warm and comfortable.

Killington Oxford

Looking for a Timberland shoe that’s stylish as well as supportive? The men’s Killington Oxford features a mixed-media upper, made with leather, mesh, and fabric, plus all the supporting features that you know and love, like OrthoLite polyurethane footbeds and recycled rubber outsoles.

Jayne 6”

Suppose you’re on the hunt for a sleeker boot for winter that can go from day to night with ease, opt for the women’s Jayne 6”, a genuinely stylish boot made from waterproof black leather. The padded collar keeps the foot and ankle comfortable, while the leather interior and padded insole keeps feet warm and supported throughout the day.

Custom Orthotics and Timberlands Make a Great Package

Combining a pair of your favourite Timberlands and our custom orthotics provides you with all-around relief and support for various foot issues. To help ensure that the fit is right, you can opt for a shoe and orthotics package. That way, you get a brand-new pair of stylish shoes providing you with the support and cushioning customized to your feet.

After we make the orthotic insole to your precise measurements, we’ll fit your orthotic into your new Timberland shoes before shipping them to your door. That way, your new shoes will arrive ready to wear.