Top 5 Orthotic Myths

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2022 Jun 23rd

There are lots of myths when it comes to orthotics. They get a bad reputation for these misconceptions and turn people away before they even know the benefits. Some myths may have been true at one point in time, however due to technology and research, they are no longer true. Other myths were never based on facts to begin with!

Here are some of the most common myths we see in the world of orthotics.

#1: Only For Seniors

Although orthotics and orthopedic footwear have been stereotyped for seniors, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, as we age our tendons and ligaments become weaker and conditions, such as arthritis, become more prevalent, but, there is a long list of ailments that can affect all ages. There are actually a lot of benefits of wearing orthotics early on, some of which could lead to you not needing orthotics down the road. Orthotics are an effective treatment for anyone experiencing foot or lower limb pain of all ages.

#2: The ‘Break In’ Period Will Hurt Your Feet

Orthotics are designed to help your feet, not hurt them more. For most who are new to the world of orthotics, they will probably feel uncomfortable at first. Some people can wear orthotics without a problem, while others may feel like they are standing on a small, hard ball, applying a lot of pressure to your arch. No matter what, it is important to remember to ease your body into wearing orthotics.

Custom made orthotics are designed for each individual's unique biomechanical needs. Like with any new product, you need to break them in before feeling completely comfortable. Remember, your feet have been functioning in a certain way for a long time and your orthotics are there to change the way your muscles work and operate. Once your custom made orthotics are fitting comfortably, you’ll experience a world of difference when it comes to your feet and comfort.

#3: Becoming Dependent On Them

Similar to eyeglasses, orthotics only work while you are wearing them. They are designed to provide support to your feet, ankles, and knees to improve your body function and/or limit motion that is causing stress and discomfort to certain areas. Wearing orthotics will not weaken your muscles or make you become dependent on wearing them. In fact, some people who catch their conditions early enough and work to correct them, don’t need to wear any when they age.

#4: Footwear Doesn’t Matter

While the orthotic is very important, the footwear you wear plays a huge role in the functionality of any orthotics. If the shoe itself is not stable or supportive, it makes it difficult for the orthotic to do its job because it must now stabilize itself, as well as the

rest of your body. You want them to have a removable insole, be deep, wide, and supportive, have a slight heel, and they should support your entire foot. The orthotics are only as good as the footwear you wear them in.

#5: Off-The-Shelf Is The Same

Some people experience short term relief from off-the-shelf orthotics, whereas others find they work great. They are made with arch support and other cushioning features that can be cut down to the size you need and inserted into your shoe. They can be useful for minor pain, or provide relief that comes from activities such as standing all day. While off-the-shelf orthotics can provide temporary relief, they won’t provide long term benefits and support if you have biomechanical problems or underlying medical conditions. They generally last a few months before needing to be replaced.

Custom made orthotics are matched to the contours of your feet and are more precise. They do much more than simply supporting your arches and providing additional cushioning. They are designed to properly align your entire body, starting from the feet up. Custom made orthotics can last for a long time, depending on wear. Although, we recommend replacing your orthotics every two years. Over time your feet change and the support that you are used to, may need to be tweaked.

Custom made orthotics help to provide support and pain relief from a variety of conditions. Your feet are your foundation and you use them everyday!

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