How Orthotics Relieve Pain

2023 May 10th

Orthotics are specialized medical devices used to treat a variety of foot and lower limb conditions, including pain, deformities, and injuries. Orthotics are typically custom-made to fit each patient'

Orthotics for Shin Splints and How They Help

2023 Mar 21st

Shin splints are a common yet painful condition that can affect anyone who is physically active. They are caused by inflammation of the muscles and tendons that attach to theshinbone, leading to pain

Why Orthotics Are Important

2023 Feb 10th

Our feet carry us everywhere we go causing aches and pains as we age. Maintaining healthy feet and ankles is vital, and the importance of orthotics can’t be understated. Orthotics can treat a multitud

When Should You Replace Your Orthotics?

2023 Feb 10th

If you’ve ever had a foot or ankle injury, you’ve likely heard of orthotics before. While you can typically buy orthotics in any drug-store, custom-made orthotics are different. Custom-made orthotics