​At Orthotics Direct… We Do Things Differently.

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2022 Feb 17th

Why shop Orthotics Direct? We make custom orthotics accessible for everyone. We’re leading the way in the direct to consumer market. We fabricate our orthotics with the same top quality materials as the traditional clinics, but without the extra costs and mark-ups. The main reason we are able to offer the same quality product, with a lower price point, is because we work collaboratively with you.

When people see the low price point of $249.99 for custom orthotics, they believe they aren’t going to receive the same quality as if they went to their doctor’s office, or paid over $500 for them. What most people don’t realize is that traditional orthotic clinics markup their prices 8-10x the actual cost.

It’s All Online 

The entire shopping experience is completed on our website. That’s right! You don’t even need to leave your house. We currently offer two options – ‘Orthotic Only’ or a ‘Pairing’. All of our orthotics are $249.99. The price available for our pairings include the cost of the orthotic ($249.99) plus the cost of the footwear. The best part about purchasing a Pairing, is that we finish your orthotics to be a perfect match to the footwear you selected. This ensures the correct fit and proper placement. The true value of this approach is a perfect marriage of the two products.

We carry some of the biggest brand name footwear selections such as UGG, Asics, Timberland, Hoka One One, and Baffin. To make it easy for you, we always recommend using the filters. We know how hard it is to fall in love with a pair of shoes, only to find out they don’t carry your size. At Orthotics Direct, you select your shoe size first. You can also select what width you are looking for, a specific brand you had in mind, or a general category of footwear you're interested in (i.e. Boots, Casual, Athletic).

Casting Methods 

Once you have made your selection, it’s time to select what casting method you want. We don’t do cookie-cutter! We offer two methods, a Foam Kit, or a Digital Cast. If you have ever worn orthotics before, you may have experienced the foam casting method. We ship you the foam box to cast your impressions, instructions about how to do so, and a return label to ship them back to us. It is important to remember to push your foot all the way down and have your weight evenly distributed. The only thing to consider is that there will be additional shipping time. Our innovative Digital Cast is new, but super simple to use. The only kicker - you will need to place your order on a smartphone or tablet. The Digital Cast will walk you through the process of taking images of your feet. It will start with the top of your foot, then it will ask for the side profile to capture your arch, and finally, you will be asked to hold your foot above your camera to capture the bottom of your feet. No matter what option you choose, both results in the same information arriving to us at the lab.

Your Order 

Once we receive your impressions, either digitally or in foam, we start our fabrication process.

The entire fabrication process takes about a week. When your custom orthotics are complete, they will be shipped to you.

Included in your order will be:

  • Your custom orthotics
  • Your footwear (if you selected a pairing)
  • The original insoles of the footwear you selected (pairing)
  • Receipt, Biomechanical Report, and Proof of Manufacture
  • Wearing guidelines
  • Returns, exchanges, and modification instructions


Orthotics Direct will provide documentation to submit a claim with your insurer yourself. We provide a receipt - with the date you place your order, as well as a Biomechanical Report and Proof of Manufacturer, which will be dated with the date your order ships. The Biomechanical Report is a quantified report that is taken from the evaluation of your cast and formatted into a report. The Proof of Manufacture indicates the casting technique and materials used to fabricate your orthotics.

Most insurance plans require a prescription from a physician prior to placing your order, however we do not require one to fabricate custom orthotics for you. It is important to note that some insurance providers also require a gait analysis, your orthotics to be dispensed by a practitioner, and/or they require the credentials of the practitioner who fabricated your orthotics. Since Orthotics Direct offers a shop-from-home experience, our orthotic technicians do not physically see and assess you in person, therefore we are unable to provide these requirements.

If you would like to ensure that your purchase is eligible for coverage, prior to placing your order, we offer a Predetermination Form. This includes sample documents for Orthotics Only that you may submit to your provider. Please be aware that your provider may simply send you details regarding your plan’s eligibility, which does not necessarily mean that our services will meet the requirements. Please cross reference your plan’s needs, with what Orthotics Direct provides.

Returns, Exchanges, & Modifications 

We all know that there are some risks when shopping online. Sizing can differentiate between brands, what you see online may not be what you’re expecting it to be like in person, or, you just really don’t like the shoe you picked. That's ok! All of our footwear is eligible for return or exchange up to 60 days from the date of purchase. They must be unworn, in their original condition, and in their original box. Just send us an email to set it up!

Like any custom made product, the orthotics were made specifically for you. This means that they are non-refundable. However, we do offer modifications on all our orthotics up to 90 days from the date of purchase. It is very common throughout the orthotic process to experience some back and forth to ensure your orthotics are fitting right. Some scenarios require more adjustments than others, it depends on your specific foot health needs. If you have worn orthotics before, make sure to let us know. Did they work well for you? Could they use more support? Understanding the type and level of support you are used to wearing, helps our technicians make the BEST PRODUCT. Giving us ALL of the information prior to fabricating your order, will help to eliminate any unnecessary back and forth.

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