5 Foot-Unfriendly Jobs for Custom Orthotics

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2021 May 31st

Many jobs pose a threat to our eyes, with extended hours staring at computer screens. However, we shouldn’t forget the many jobs that pose a hazard to our feet.

Jobs that feature excessive standing or walking can lead to wear and tear of the foot, and we don’t give these poor folk enough credit for the strain they put on their bodies.

Thankfully, custom orthotic solutions exist to help reverse or halt the strain placed on the feet.

We’ll highlight some of the jobs that are most at risk for foot pain and show how custom orthotic shoes can help - when it comes to custom orthotics vs over counter, the specialized solution is always the superior one.

1) Healthcare

Whether it’s doctors or nurses, medical professionals are often on their feet all day. This job often leads to a lot of foot pain due to how quickly the situation can shift. Nurses can go from walking for their rounds to suddenly needing to run to where they’re needed.

The above can lead to foot fatigue and gradual development of conditions such as plantar fasciitis or overpronation.

Orthotic solutions are a big help for keeping the foot cushioned. When it comes to custom orthotics vs off the shelf, it’s vital to have orthotics that match your feet’ contours to avoid stress from suddenly going from walking to running.

2) Retail

We might not think of retail as a high-impact kind of job - but think about it, when was the last time you saw someone sitting behind a counter instead of standing? Retail involves your body being on its feet all day - even more if you need to be carrying things around.

All that weight is supported by your feet, leading to retail workers suffering from a lot of foot pain if they don’t have support in their shoes. Custom orthotics are also the best bet here, maximizing the amount of support provided.

3) Teaching

Teaching is another job that we think of as being more mentally exhausting than physically.

However, a teacher has to stay standing in front of classes all day long - and often moving around. Just like retail workers, they need support for their weight to avoid developing bruises or even fractures in their feet. When it comes to custom orthotics vs over the counter inserts, only custom varieties can give support right where it’s needed.

4) Restaurants

Whether it’s chefs or waiters, these foodservice roles often involve a lot of constant movement while standing, often for long shifts.

Plantar fasciitis and other similar conditions are a significant threat. Orthotic solutions for the shoes you’ll be wearing are beneficial for this job, especially if you have to wear fancy (but potentially uncomfortable) shoes.

5) Construction

Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs here for your feet. Not only is there a lot of walking and moving around, but there’s also a lot of lifting involved, which can lead to pulling of muscles in the back, legs and feet if one isn’t careful.

There’s also an increased risk of injury compared to many other jobs. Custom orthotic solutions are always the best bet if the foot is hit against something or dropped and can fit in almost all work boots for support, stability and safety.

Orthotics are a great way to help give comfort while not losing out on protection. When it comes to custom orthotics vs off the shelf, only the custom versions will properly fit inside the specialized construction footwear.

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