​How to Use Your Foam Kit

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2022 Mar 18th

Orthotics Direct delivers custom made orthotics to your doorstep. We offer a streamlined approach, a simple all-inclusive pricing and quality custom orthotics.

To begin, you will need to start online. Right here actually, at the top of this browser. The big four letter word “SHOP”. From there, make your selections. After you have chosen your items, it’s time to select your casting method.

Pick an option that’s right for you!

We have two options

  1. Our innovative Digital Casting method
  2. Foam Impression Kit method

In this blog post we are going to focus on the Foam Kit and how to cast your impressions.

Foam Kit Casting Method:

After your order has been placed, we will ship the Foam Kit to you.

Your Foam Impression Kit Includes:

  • Impression/foam trays
  • Easy to follow casting instructions
  • Pre-paid return shipping label

Once you are ready to cast your impressions, the first step will be to prepare your area and ensure you have everything you need nearby. Once you start pushing your foot into the foam, that side cannot be redone.

How It Works:

You will need the foam box sent to you, the instructions, and a chair to sit in or to support you. Begin by removing your shoes and socks. Thin socks are optional, but keep in mind that the foam will transfer to the sock. You may take your impressions in either a sitting or standing position. If you are sitting, ensure you sit forward in the chair to enable a semi-weight bearing impression.

Center your foot over the opposite side of the box. For example, your left foot impressions will be on the right side of the foam; and vice versa, your right on the left. Apply your weight evenly as you lower your heel into the foam. Once your heel is in, push your forefoot and toes down into the foam, while trying to maintain equal weight distribution between both feet.

The key is to make sure that your impressions go deep enough into the foam to show your arch profile. Keep in mind that your foot is malleable. The way your foot operates and conforms inside one shoe, may be different from how it conforms to another, or even operates barefoot.

You want to ensure that the impression you are making is an accurate representation of your foot. Once you have finished one foot, simply lift that foot straight out of the box and repeat on the other side.

Once you have finished both feet, close up the Foam Kit and place it back into the shipping box it came in. Use the return label that is included to ship your impressions back to us by attaching the label to the outside of the box. Once you are ready, drop the package off at your nearest Canada Post.

No office visits. No waiting rooms. It’s that easy!

Once we receive your impressions, our technicians will examine them and begin fabricating your new custom made orthotics. Once they are complete, we will ship your finished products back to you!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Foam Impression Kit method:

Q: How can you provide a biomechanical assessment without seeing my feet?

A: The biomechanical report that our technicians provide is a quantified report taken from evaluating the casting of your feet. This data is the relationship between the rearfoot to forefoot and the resultant degrees are measured. The team also provides the assessment of the arch profile and records the corrections that are applied when fabricating your orthotic devices.

Q: How do I take my own foam cast?

A: It’s a very simple process. Your Foam Kit will arrive in the mail with easy to follow instructions. The whole process takes only a few minutes.

Q: How do I send the foam kit back?

A: Your Foam Kit will be mailed to you in a box along with a return shipping label. Simply place the foam kit back into the same shipping box and attach the provided return shipping label and return it via Canada Post.

Q: Do I have to take a foam cast for every order?

A: No, that’s the best part! Once your order has been processed, your Foam Cast will be scanned and stored as a Digital Cast. For any subsequent orders, choose “Digital Cast” and you will find a new Digital Cast in your profile. If your feet have experienced changes (growth, injury, etc.), we recommend taking a new cast.