Stay Stylish with Custom Orthotics Bundled with Popular Comfortable Shoe Brands

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2020 Oct 28th

Many people believe that custom orthotic inserts will only fit into shoes that are – to be frank – completely unfashionable. Fortunately, taking care of your feet, being comfortable, and being fashionable aren’t mutually exclusive.

It’s possible to wear stylish shoes that you love, as long as you take care to buy your custom orthotics from a reputable source like Orthotics Direct.

The Benefits of a Custom Orthotic Insert Bundle

Instead of buying custom orthotics and shoes separately, Orthotics Direct makes it easier to get a great fit and even better deal by purchasing these essential footwear items together.

Here’s why this is the right choice.

Pick your favourite brands

At Orthotics Direct, we carry a wide variety of shoe brands that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you need work boots or sleek dress shoes, we stock dozens of unique brands like Asics, Sorel, Ecco, Timberland, Florsheim, and many more.

Let us trim your insole to fit

If you order custom orthotic insoles and shoes separately, you take a risk that they won’t fit. You can try and trim the insole to work, but if it’s off by even a few millimetres, you may not get the fit and support you need.

Instead of doing this work yourself, buy a package from Orthotics Direct. Before we ship your order out, our trained technicians will place the orthotic devices inside your new pair of shoes and carefully ensure that the fit is perfect. That way, your new footwear arrives ready to wear.

Save money

Ordering custom orthotics, then buying shoes at a mall or another traditional retailer can get expensive. Buying an orthotics package from Orthotics Direct means that we can offer you incredible prices on both the orthotics and your new pair of shoes – plus, you’re only paying for shipping once.

Our Favorite Comfortable Shoe Brands

At Orthotics Direct, we carry some of the most comfortable shoe brands. Here are some of our favourites.


Brooks is an undisputed champion when it comes to running shoes. We offer various types of running and exercise shoes in a rainbow of colours, plus desirable features to help manage motion control and offer stability.

Their GuideRails medial support is built into every pair of shoes and helps each shopper find their best stride without over or under pronating.

Pair with: Active Orthotics

The Active Orthotic is perfect for any type of physical activity or someone who’s often on the go. It has the maximum amount of shock absorption and cushioning, plus moisture-wicking properties, so it doesn’t hold on to sweat, making your feet much more comfortable.


Clarks makes a variety of attractive shoes for both casual and formal occasions. Their gorgeous boots, heels, and loafers are perfect for Monday to Friday office wear while being comfortable enough to stand in all day.

Pair with: Everyday Orthotics

Our Everyday Orthotic is a flexible and adaptable orthotic that can withstand daily use while still maintaining support to alleviate many foot discomforts. If you’re looking to purchase a pair of Clarks’ lower-profile loafers or slip-ons, this orthotic adds comfort without adding bulk.


If you live in a place where snow and slush are a daily reality of life in the winter, you should invest in a pair of Sorels. This brand is best known for its winter boots, which are available in various heights that protect you from ankle to knee. Their soft interior and thick, rubberized sole ensure you’re able to walk warm and safe throughout the winter.

Pair with: Industrial Orthotics

Individuals who work outdoors in the winter have it hard enough already without adding foot discomfort to the mix. An Industrial Orthotic fits into most Sorel boots and is the perfect choice for workers who want to stay comfortable and safe. Custom-made dual-density cushioning offers support where you need it most, while the non-slip top cover assists with motion control even in dynamic environments.

Shop Our Most Comfortable Shoe Brands Today

There’s no benefit to buying a pair of custom orthotic inserts if you can’t fit them into any of the shoes you already own.

Purchasing an orthotics package from Orthotics Direct ensures that both the custom orthotics you need and the shoes you love will work in tandem to keep your feet comfortable and supported.