Finding Value with Custom Orthotics

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2021 Apr 30th

There are some things that you just can’t scrimp on, and settling for any form of shoe insert when shopping for foot orthotics is just one example.

High-quality custom made orthotics are game-changers for those who suffer from chronic foot, hip, and back pain. Many argue that getting your orthotics customized isn’t worth it. We’ll be using this article to debunk the myth that custom orthotics aren’t worth the money, as well as tips on getting the most out of your purchase.

Addressing the Myths Around Orthotic Solutions

There are many reasons that people will tell you that custom orthotics aren’t worth the money. Many folks base these myths on misguided facts or faulty logic. We’ll run through some of the most common myths about custom orthotics right here and how we think they hold up as arguments.

Getting Custom Orthotics Takes Too Long

One complaint often raised against custom orthotics is that they take too long to have prepared.

As a result, many consumers may search for over-the-counter orthotics or those created from fast “foot scans” at kiosks or other stores.

However, a good type of orthotic will last you for a very long time. There’s no accurate comparison to the amount of utility you can get from quality orthotics when it comes to custom orthotics vs over the counter. Most mass produced, off-the-shelf orthotics are only good at matching your foot shape or shoe size (if that), not adjusting it as you need it.

An excellent orthotic solution will last you a long time, so it is worth the initial time you put into it to get it right.

Custom Orthotics Are Too Expensive

Custom orthotics can range from $200-$800, depending on the design, conditions or foot pain you’re addressing, leading many to lean towards purchases of generic brands.

However, when it comes to custom orthotics vs off-shelf, these numbers need to be considered in context. Generic orthotics will need to be replaced more and will generally only have a single function.

One should buy a custom orthotic to treat their foot pain, foot problems or needed support, such as to minimize heel pain. Much like other forms of health care, getting low-quality OTC orthotics won’t address a number of injuries. With a quality custom orthotic, your dollars will be working for you every day, every step of the way.

Only Athletes Need Custom Orthotics

There is a widespread assumption that if someone doesn’t engage in intense athletics, they have no reason to get custom orthotics. The idea here is that only athletes put enough strain on their feet to warrant custom orthotic solutions.

The truth is that there are plenty of ways to injure or strain your feel without high-intensity sports. Many people require orthotics simply because of pre-existing medical conditions or a genetic tendency towards specific gaits, such as overpronation. Anyone can use a custom orthotic to gain relief from pain and discomfort, as the sources of these issues are varied.

You Only Need Orthotics For Serious Conditions

Many treat custom orthotics as a “last resort,” something used to treat only the most severe physical conditions, such as arthritis, plantar fasciitis, or metatarsalgia.

The fact is that custom orthotics can be just as much preventative as a cure. Even if you are experiencing minor discomfort or localized pain, these could be the warning signs that your feet are placing strain somewhere on your body. Stress or pressure can turn into a more severe condition over time unless you take early precautions.

In this way, custom orthotics serve to help save you the money and pain that you will incur down the line. Even if you aren’t at risk for a severe condition, everyone deserves to be able to walk and run as they please, without the spectre of pain hanging over them.

Are All Orthotics Created Equal?

This one is maybe the most untrue of all myths. Many people don’t realize the significant difference between custom orthotics vs over counter versions.

Part of this confusion stems from the fact that many mall kiosks and other footwear stores offer fancy foot scans to create “pseudo-custom” orthotics. In truth, all these kinds of orthotics will do is match the contours of your foot. As mentioned, while this can perhaps give more arch support, it is not in any way medically designed to address what may be severe issues in your foot, ankle, or gait.

When it comes to custom orthotics vs off the shelf models, there is no comparison.

It’s not just for medical reasons either. Specialists can design custom orthotics to comfortably fit inside your footwear, making them easy and convenient to use.

How Custom Orthotics Works

Custom orthotics start with analyzing the patient’s foot and posture to determine what is causing pain, discomfort, or an awkward gait. After this, the orthotic design helps with two things in mind - positioning and support.

Orthotics help with positioning by adjusting how the foot moves when it strikes the ground. This can solve issues associated with gait, such as overpronation. It can also help ensure that the foot remains directly under the body, improving posture.

Support is also essential, and we folks at Orthotics Direct can design orthotic solutions to help with this specifically. By adding cushioning and arch support, the orthotics can lessen the impact of the foot on the ground. As a result, it can also reduce the impact on the rest of the body.

How To Find The Right Orthotics For You

Doctors, physical therapists, and orthotics experts are always the best at giving you the advice you need. However, you can also help them inform that advice. When looking for orthotic solutions and talking to professionals, some things to consider include information on the shoes you want to wear with your orthotics, the kinds of athletic activities you enjoy, and where you feel the most discomfort when being active.

Find The Best Custom Orthotics

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