Spring Selection: Our Best Shoes for Custom Orthotics

Posted by Orthotics Direct on 2021 Mar 5th

Spring is finally here! Between the cold weather and a pandemic lockdown, the past few months have been hard on all of us. Hopefully, there will be more chances to get outside and enjoy the fresh air in the coming months.

We’ll be outlining some of our top picks for spring. From arch support, gel cushioned, and brands that allow you to wear orthotics all day with comfort, these select styles will help you get the most out of the change in the weather.

Best Shoes for Orthotics? Think ASICS

If you’re ready to go out there and get active this spring, there are few better brands than ASICS. Often ranked among the best sportswear suppliers, ASICS is constantly innovating with its shoe designs. This means that they’re committed to making incredibly comfortable running shoes.

However, ASICS is also very good at understanding customer’s need for custom orthotics. ASICS makes many neutral runners designed with removable insoles, so you can easily slot in your orthotics of choice in these pair of shoes. This makes their shoes some of the best running shoes for orthotics and a top selection for cushioning and support.

If you’re looking forward to a more active spring and want pain relief simultaneously, ASICS is an excellent choice, especially when paired with fit orthotics or active orthotics.

Cole Haan

Are you thinking about taking spring at a bit of a slower pace? Want to stretch your legs first before you get into the running? Cole Haan makes some of the best walking shoes for orthotics out there. Cole Haan’s products combine casual leather shoes with the heart of a high-performance sneaker - no surprise given their partnership with Nike.

Cole Haan’s are lightweight, comfortable, and look good while keeping casual. Better yet, many of their shoes come with a space for custom orthotics. Cole Haan’s an excellent choice for rediscovering the outside world this spring.


We can’t talk about being active without mentioning Reebok, of course. Their removable sock liners in many of their shoes make them another contender for having the best running shoes for orthotics.

Reeboks make highly durable products, great for getting back seriously into sports this spring. Another great thing about Reebok is its excellent selection of athletic shoes for children. Reebok is a perfect choice for when the weather warms up.


Whether you want to walk the streets this spring or head into the parks and woods, Ecco has you covered. Their wide selection of sneakers and boots gives you options for both casual and intensive activity.

Their outstanding durability lets them handle however you decide to use them. Ecco offers plenty of shoes with customizable insoles, making them some of the best walking shoes for orthotics. Grab a pair to enjoy all parts of the season!

Harley Davidson

With just the name “Harley Davidson,” you know what you’re getting into, whether it’s with motorcycles or their great selection of shoes and boots.

What you might not know is that Harley Davidson is making some of the most popular orthotic-friendly shoes for men - and some for women as well! Their shoes and boots are incredibly durable and often have very comfortable removable insoles.

If you have a motorcycle to ride this spring, they’re perfect for you. If you don’t, these boots might still be perfect!


It’s hard to think of any brand as trusted as Rockport, known for their reliable flexibility and comfort in their shoes.

Rockport seeks to merge sneakers with dress shoes to create the ultimate fusion of comfort and style. To prove their brand, Rockport even had people finish marathons wearing these “dress shoes!”

Better yet, Rockport also sells the famous Cobb Hill brand, one of the most increasingly popular styles of boots out there on the market. Rockport has a solid selection of good orthotic-friendly shoes for men and women. Whatever you want to do with your spring, Rockport will have you covered.


Brooks is not just noted for its great shoes but also its genuinely great sportswear for women. If you’re looking for orthotics for women and other sports accessories, this is the place to go.

Brooks has some of the best running shoes for women and even offers individually designed orthotics as part of many of their shoes. Brooks has a solid growing selection for men as well, and, as mentioned, their sportswear is top-notch. If you need a whole set of sports gear for the spring, make sure to check out Brooks.

Orthotic Shoe for Men and Women. More In Store For Spring

We highly recommended some of these top brands mentioned above for people with flat feet, those who need dual density or extra depth for full support.

If you’re getting excited about the warmer weather, feel free to browse all these brands and more on our store page. We have everything you need to enjoy spring free of foot pain.